What Is Polyurea?

What is Polyurea coating? How is Polyurea created?

So, what is Polyurea coating? Well, Polyurea is best described as an elastomer substance formed through step-growth polymerization – a reaction process of an isocyanate component and synthetic resin blend component, creating a flexible yet robust protective coating.

Why use Polyurea? The Power of Polyurea Explained…

The fast-set nature of Polyurea enables efficient application to substrates, allowing projects to be completed quickly.

Polyurea coatings form uniform, seamless membranes, proven to be highly durable and resilient against cracking and peel back. The elastomeric properties of polyurea allow it to expand and contract with substrates, maintaining protection through changing environmental conditions.

Polyurea For Construction Waterproofing

Polyurea’s durability and fast-setting properties make it the preferred coating and waterproofing solution for the construction industry.

Aromatic or Aliphatic?

The difference is color stability. On one hand, Polyurea that is derived from aliphatic diisocyanates are resistant to color change from climatic elements such as sunlight exposure and maintain their physical and colour properties even under extreme UV exposure conditions. On the other hand, Polyurea’s derived from aromatic diisocyanates are sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light. Therefore, aliphatic Polyurea formulations are mostly used in infrastructure and building waterproofing projects where colour resistance is required, such as in residential swimming pools, themed water parks, and lagoons.

DELTA Coatings manufactures and supplies all types of Polyurea-based products. We hope that this guide has explained the answer to the question: ‘What is Polyurea coating?’.

Take a Closer Look at Polyurea-based Case Studies…

From critical infrastructure projects, time sensitive manufacturing projects to world renowned theme parks, resorts and hotels, Polyurea has provided long-lasting superior substrate protection for a range of discerning clients globally.

Find out more about major projects completed using customized Polyurea-based systems.

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