Polyurea & Polyurethane Hot Spray Applied Coatings


Contrary to popular belief, polyurea is not a product. Instead, Polyurea is a definition of a chemical technology. Experienced formulators, such as DELTA Coatings, employ this technology to manufacture a range of products to meet specific applications.

Asking for polyurea on its own is akin to simply asking somebody for a car. There are so many different variations and options, you could end up with the wrong product that does not meet your needs. With over two decades industry experience, talk to our experts for professional advice on which solution or system is right for you.

DELTA Coatings’ manufactures a range of specialty linings and coatings based on polyurea and polyurethane technology for applications in water and wastewater treatment plants, bulk material handling facilities, lagoons and water parks, as well as for primary and secondary containment, construction waterproofing and military or defence applications.

Before specifying polyurea or polyurethane-based linings, we recommend that you speak to our experts to receive the right professional advice and correct product formulation that fully meets your needs.