DELTAPrime Filler


DELTAPrime Filler


AEROSIL 200 is a fumed silica powder used as part of the DELTAPrime priming systems range as a “filler” or “extender” designed to increase the viscosity of the DELTAPrime primers.

This product is designed to make a self levelling floor topping or to make a higher viscosity primer film to aid in the closing of concrete surface imperfections such as bug holes and pinholes.


  • Can create a wide range of end product consistencies suitable for repair mortars, slurries and self levelling pastes simply by adjusting the mix ratio of chemical product to filler.
  • Creates a smooth and homogenous product.
  • Easy to work with and indefinitely adjustable.
  • Does not reduce the adhesion to concrete substrates.
  • Increases water vapour barrier properties.
  • High quality white.

Typical Uses

  • Used in conjunction with DELTAPrime primers to produce a more viscous paste like “sealing primer” for sealing concrete surfaces prior to applying DELTAShield protective coatings.
  • As a thickening agent in conjunction with DELTAPrime 2K SF primer or with DELTAShield F 500 to produce a self levelling floor topping.
  • Used in conjunction with DELTAPrime 2K SF primer to produce a patch repair material.
  • To increase anti-sagging properties.
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Processing Properties

Physical Properties

Physical Properties Data
Chemical Base Refined Talc Powder
Density [g/cm³] @ 20°C DIN ISO 787/10 2.7
Hardness [Mohs] 1
Oil absorption value [g/100g] ISO 787/5 40
Pull off strength [N/mm²] when used with DELTAPrime DIN EN ISO 4624 / ASTM D-4541 Concrete: ≥ 1.5


DELTAPrime Filler is supplied in 10 kg bags


  • Approximately 24 months from the date of manufacture, when kept in original unopened packaging away from moisture.
  • Wear a dust mask over mouth and nose when handling Aerosil 200.

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