DELTAShield EASYSeal 1K AL is an aliphatic single component hand applied, cold cured, waterborne polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

DELTAShield EASYSeal 1K AL dries to form a flexible, seamless, waterproofing solution for a wide range of exposed waterproofing applications.

DELTASheild EASYSeal 1k AL is weather and UV resistant and is non-yellowing providing excellent heat reflection properties and good colour stability.


  • Simple application – Squeegee / rake trowel, roller, brush or airless sprayer.
  • Semi thixotropic makes it suitable for sloped surfaces.
  • Completely seamless membrane. Zero welds, overlaps or joins.
  • Cold applied and cold cured. No requirement for specialized application equipment.
  • Does not require a top coat.
  • Conforms exactly to substrate shapes.
  • Excellent crack bridging properties.
  • Excellent adhesion to nearly all substrates – concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, foam etc.
  • Can transgress multiple substrate types in one application.
  • Mechanical damage can be easily repaired.

Typical Uses

  • Waterproofing of both flat and sloped roof tops.
  • Waterproofing of balconies, terraces and verandas
  • General construction waterproofing – exposed.
  • Waterproofing under plant and equipment on roof tops.
  • Sealing and protecting concrete substrates.
  • Sealing and protection of polyurethane insulation foam.
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Processing Properties

Mixing Stir with a low-speed agitator. Avoid introducing air.
Material consumption [kg/m2/1mm] 2 – 2.5kgs / m2
Recommended thickness per layer 0.75 – 1mm.
Recommended layers 2
Rain resistance time (approx.) 4 – 6 hours
Over coat window [h] 30 minutes – 12 hours
Curing/loading after @23C – 12 hours
Full cure 5 days
Temperature range for application (ambient) [°C] 0 – 40 C

Physical Properties

Water vapor transmission rate [g/m2 *d] ISO 15106-3 9 (at 23° C a. 85% relative humidity)

24,5 (at 38° C a. 90% relative humidity)

Solids content DIN EN 827 /

ASTM D-2697

Tensile strength [MPa] ISO 37-2005 / ASTM D-638 2.8
Elongation at break [%] DIN 52455 /

ASTM D-412

Hardness [Shore A] ISO 868-2003 / ASTM D-2240 75
Water vapour resistance EN:ISO 7783 420
Resistance to mechanical damage by static impression In house lab Good resistance
Resistance to water pressure DIN EN 1928 No leak (1m water column 24 hours)
Crack bridging In house lab 4 mm
Service temperature In house lab -20C to +90C
Pull off strength [N/mm2] ASTM D-903 Concrete:  2.5 (with primer)
Storage conditions [°C] DIN EN 12701 10 – 30 (Avoid product freezing)
Shelf life Approximately 12 months unopened and stored correctly