DELTAShield HIP 500

DELTAShield HIP 500



DELTAShield HIP 500 is an instant curing, spray applied, seamless, and flexible high impact, highly abrasion resistant, protective coating specifically formulated to enhance military vehicles and equipment.

DELTAShield HIP 500 will not crack or peel and can withstand heavy impact and abrasion making it the ideal long-term military vehicle coating.

DELTAShield HIP 500 can be supplied in a range of base military colours and camouflage added later at the customer`s request. DELTAShield HIP 500 is easy to clean and requires no maintenance.


  • Instant cure results in increased productivity at the manufacturing stage.
  • Very high impact resistance.
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • Resistant to most standard chemicals, acids, oils, and bleaches.
  • Will not crack or peel.
  • Can incorporate slip resistant surface finishes.
  • Remains flexible and impact absorbing under a wide range of climatic conditions from very cold to very hot.
  • Can be built to any thickness in one application. Does NOT require multiple coats
  • 100 % solids, VOC-free, contains zero solvents

Typical Uses

  • External body protection of military vehicles.
  • Internal body protection of military vehicles.
  • Easy to clean, hard wearing, slip resistant flooring for internal floors of military vehicles.
  • Enhancement of composite ballistic panels.
  • Protection of external body accessories – push bars, tow bars, side steps.
  • Protection of fiberglass rear doors on both vehicles and aircraft.
  • Abrasion and corrosion protection of tool boxes.
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