DELTAShield TC 100 FR

DELTAShield TC 100 FR


DELTAShield TC 100 FR is a solvent based two pack acrylic finish top coat, containing high quality pigments. DELTAShield TC 100 FR has excellent gloss, whiteness, non-yellowing properties, exterior durability and flame retardant properties.

Our highly durable product is designed to be used as topcoat in atmospheric environments.


  • Provides a tough, abrasion resistant finish with excellent gloss and colour retention, even under severe exposure conditions.
  • Resistant to spills of most oils, aliphatic petroleum products and non-aggressive chemicals.
  • Provides a non-yellowing finish with flame retardant properties to minimize the risk of flame spread in fire.

Typical Uses

  • As a fire retardant top coat suitable for a wide range of industrial structures; marine, offshore environments, bridges and buildings.
  • As a fire retardant top coat for all DELTAShield systems.
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Physical Properties

Property Test Standard Data
Solids by volume ASTM-D2697-91 48 ± 2%
Gloss level (GU 60 °) ISO 2813 Gloss (70-85)
Flash Point ISO 3679 Method 1 25 °C
Density Calculated 1.2 kg/l
VOC 458 g/l
Dry film thickness 50 – 150 μm
Pot life 1 h @ 23 °C
Wet film thickness 105 μm
Theoretical spreading rate 18 m²/l



Component A 4 / 16 kg per pail

Component B 1 / 4 kg per pail

Equipment Cleaning

Equipment can be cleaned with paint thinner and common solvents immediately after use. Note that hardened material can only be removed mechanically


Approximately 24 months from the date of manufacture, when kept in original containers under standard storage conditions.