Mining & Bulk Material Handling

DELTA Coatings' 100% solids, VOC-free, thick protective linings are the optimal solution for reducing whole of life costs and increasing return on investment.

Mining & Bulk Material Handling


DELTA Coatings lining solutions provide industrial-strength protection because they can be applied significantly thicker than many other coatings in the market – from 1 mm to unlimited thickness in one application. Our lining products can be used as a sacrificial lining capable of protecting your equipment from abrasion and impact. The inclusion of a “Wear Indicator Zone” assists plant managers in avoiding costly unscheduled shutdowns and expensive capital equipment damage.

Our protective linings maintain their physical integrity even under extreme temperature fluctuations and repeated flexing and impact. They have excellent impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance and provide sound deadening and vibration absorption further reducing equipment fatigue.


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