Welcoming Graco’s International Team to Dubai

As proud Graco authorized distributors since 2006, we were thrilled to welcome the amazing international team from #Graco to Dubai this week!

Our team enjoyed visiting the new Graco Application Center in Dubai, a hub of innovation and excellence. This visit and lunch meeting presented an excellent opportunity for collaboration, where we discussed our latest projects, new plant designs and future expansion plans. Together, we’re demonstrating the power of #Polyurea.

Graco team: Jaroslaw Antoniuk, Can Demirer, Tom Vandevenne, Piotr Dymek, Brijesh Mulik, Pavel Khomenko, and Muhammad Shoaib Umer
Delta team: Paul Symons, Sohaib Saad, and Sami Saleem

Stay tuned for more updates from this incredible visit.