DELTAPrime 2K SF Primer is a two component, solvent-free, medium viscosity epoxy primer specifically designed for sealing and priming concrete substrates.

DELTAPrime2K SF is ideal for solidifying porous and weak concrete substrates and can be combined with quartz sand to make a fast curing hard patch repair material.


  • Formulated at 1:1 ratio by volume for easy application with brush, spray or roller.
  • Penetrates deeply into concrete surface
  • Solvent-free. Non-hazardous.
  • Exceptional adhesion to correctly prepared concrete, steel and most common construction substrates.

Typical Uses

  • As a penetrating concrete densifier and primer prior to the application of DELTA protective linings.
  • As a patch repair material when combined with either quartz sand or DELTAPrime Filler.
  • As a base coat for DELTA floor coatings
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Physical Properties

MATERIAL TYPE 2K Polyurethane tie coat for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
RECOMMENDED USE As a primer for use over aluminum, galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous surfaces. As an inter-coat primer over DELTA’s range of elastomeric coatings.
Endorsements 1998 COMPLIANT – 1990 EPA – PG6/23(92) Clause 19(d) Appendix 2.
COLOUR AVAILABILITY Grey, red, oxide, white
FLASH POINT Base: 31°C Additive: 28°C
SOLIDS BY VOLUME 44 ± 2% (ASTM-D2697-91)
V.O.C. 515* grams/litre * 1990 EPA – PG6/23(97) modified Appendix 3.
TYPICAL THICKNESS Dry film thickness: 50 microns
Wet film thickness: 114 microns
Theoretical coverage 8.8 m²/liter

  • 40 microns (Brush)
  • 35 microns (Roller)
  • 50 microns (Airless)
  • 50 microns (Conventional)


  • 91 microns (Brush)
  • 80 microns (Roller)
  • 114 microns (Airless)
  • 114 microns (Conventional)

  • 15°C: 3 hours
  • 23°C: 2 hours
  • 35°C: 1 hour

To recoat:

  • 15°C: 16 hours
  • 23°C: 14 hours
  • 35°C: 12 hours

Figures are given as a guide only. Factors such as air movement and humidity must also be considered.

  • Moisture: Excellent
  • Aliphatic solvents: Excellent
  • Acid spillage: Moderate
  • Alkali spillage: Moderate
  • Petroleum solvents: Excellent
  • Abrasion: Excellent
RECOMMENDED TOPCOATS May be overcoated with any of DELTA´s range of products as well as other high-performance epoxies and polyurea systems, provided that the surfaces to be coated have been suitably cleaned. To achieve optimum adhesion, overcoating must be undertaken within 4 days.
  • 15°C: 3 hours
  • 23°C: 2 hours
  • 35°C: 1 hour

(For notes on tropical application, see page 2)

PACKAGE Two-components supplied in separate containers to be mixed prior to use.
Pack Size 5 kg when mixed.
Mixing Ratio Weight 5 parts base to 3 parts additive by volume.
Shelf Life Minimum 1 year

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* DELTA recommends that in all applications involving chemicals a pre-test of the lining’s suitability in the customer`s application is conducted. Consult with DELTA Technical Team.
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